British Rock



Everybody's in show-biz/The Kinks

  1. Here Comes Yet Another Day
  2. Maximum Consumption
  3. Unreal Reality
  4. Hot Potatoes
  5. Sitting In My Hotel
  6. Motorway
  7. You Don't Know My Name
  8. Supersonic Rocket Ship
  9. Look A Little On The Sunny Side
  10. Celluloid Heroes
  11. Top Of The Pops
  12. Brainwashed
  13. Mr Wonderful
  14. Acute Schizophrenia Paranoia Paranoia Blues
  15. Holiday
  16. Alcohol
  17. Banana Boat Song
  18. Skin And Bone
  19. Baby Face
  20. Lola
  21. Till The End Of The Day
  22. She Bought A Hat Like Princess Marina

Ray Davies (Guitar,Vocals)
Dave Davies (Lead guitar,Vocals)
Mick Avory (Drums)
John Dalton (Bass guitar)
John Gosling (Keyboards)
Mike Cotton (Trumpet)
John Beecham (Trombone,Tuba)
Dave Rowberry (Organ on 10)
Alan Holmes (On1-10, Baritone sax,Clarinet,Flute)
Davy Jones (On11-21, Baritone sax,Clarinet)

Engineered by Mike Bobak
Produced by Raymond Douglas Davies


  • vol.1: エーハブ船長、鰤