American Rock



Naturally/Three Dog Night
  1. I Can Hear You Calling (Glan/Kenner/Sullivan/Troiano)
  2. One Man Band (Fox/Kaye/Tyme)
  3. I'll Be Creeping (Frazer/Rodgers)
  4. Fire Eater (Allsup/Greenspoon/Schermie/Sneed)
  5. I Can't Get Enough of It (Miller/Winwood)
  6. Sunlight (Young)
  7. Heavy Church (O'Day)
  8. Liar (Ballard)
  9. I've Got Enough Heartache (Kellie/Wright)
  10. Joy to the World (Axton)

Three Dog Night-Arranger, Group
Cory Wells-Vocals
Danny Hutton-Vocals
Chuck Negron-Vocals
Mike Allsup-Guitar
Jimmy Greenspoon-Keyboards
Floyd Sneed-Drums
Joe Shermie-Bass

Richard Podolor-Producer
Bill Cooper-Engineer
Ed Caraeff-Photography