American Rock



WOW /Moby Grape


  1. The Place And The Time
  2. Murder In My Heart For The Judge
  3. Bitter Wind
  4. Can't Be So Bad
  5. Just Like Gene Autry;A Foxtrot
  6. He
  7. Motorcycle Irene
  8. Three-Four
  9. Funky-Tunk
  10. Rose Colored Eyes
  11. Miller's Blues
  12. Naked,If I Want To

Skip Spence (vo, g, dr)
Peter Lewis (vo, g)
Jerry Miller (vo,g )
Bob Mosley (vo,b)
Don Stevenson (dr,g)

Engineered by Don Puluse & Glen Kolordin
Produced by David Rubinson


  • vol.1:アブラヤ、ジャミン